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Summer 2022 Classes


Monday 10:30am – 12:30pm

Friday Photo days 

Both classes are available to all members

Monday Classes – Online only

Week 1.  Affinity Photo, a refresher.  A guide to the general postproduction techniques and a reminder on how to use the absolute basics for better photo production.

Week 2. Projects.  Where to start! What makes a good photography project?  A guided to developing photography projects and a look at some of my own over the past 35 years.

Week 3.  Still Life.  A Live demonstration creating simple still life shots and how to light them.  How to use focus merge in Affinity photo and Photoshop for pin sharp depth of field as well as light painting your subject without using long exposures. 

Week 4.    Live demonstration portrait . Lenses, lighting and composition. 

Week 5. Top post production techniques for portraiture in Affinity Photo and Photoshop

Week 6.  That’s not proper photography.  Do you take photographs to win prizes or because you just love taking photographs.  Why do you take the pictures you take and does it matter what others think?

Week 7.   Photographing The Outer Hebrides. How to produce dramatic landscape photography in camera and in post production.

Week 8.  How to create triptychs.  How to resizing your images, create multiple layouts on a new canvass and how to create borders.

Week 9.  Is it controversial?  A look at some of the most poignant and impactful photographs in history, from conflict to fashion, from art to advertising.

Week 10.  Live demonstration. Refraction Photography.  How to create and light for dramatic refraction photographs. 

Week 11.  Project.  A review of your final projects to finish the term.


Friday Classes

Classes are a series of photo days out , location and studio with the emphasis on first had practical training.


RPS Support Days

24 successful submissions to date!

The Royal Photographic Society support days are intended to assist you in creating your portfolio to a high enough standard  for submission to the RPS.  Through reviews, feedback and guided practical guidance the support days will help you to fine tune your portfolio to the required standard.  

To book a portfolio review please email: or call direct on 01625 531271