MONDAY CLASSES   Download the timetable here

17th September

Front and rear curtain

1st October

Ring Flash and focal lengths

What are they?  What do they do and why are they different to ordinary flash?

15th October

Creating Gritty portraits

HALF TERM w/c 29th October

5th November

Stereo Photography

19th November

Psychedelic Portraits

3rd December

Digital Toning techniques in Affinity and Photoshop

13th December Christmas Party: Special Edition

Photo Challenges

Scene within a Scene

Portrait of a Loved One

TUESDAY CLASSES  Download the timetable here

18th September

Introduction to experimental Photography.  Please bring an old 10 x 8 print and some scissors to cut your print up.

25th September.  In the style of David Hockney.  Bring prints , scissors, card and a glue stick.

2nd October.  Let the colours run.  Bleaching and wetting prints to create unusual effect on prints.  10 x 8 tray, prints, cloth, bleach, tea bags

16th October.  Three mirrors

23rd October.  Fireworks


HALF TERM w/c 29th October


6th November..  Stereo Photography.  £D Glasses Require

13th November.  Creating 3D models of your prints.  Photographs, thin card, scissors or scalpel 

20th November. Simulating the effect of the wet collodion process

27th November.  Inkjet transfer prints.  Wood or very heavily textured paper. Sealed clear decal inkjet print

4th December

Use a tilt-shift effect to make paintings or drawings appear real


13th December Christmas Party: Special Edition


Photo Challenges

Scene Within a Scene.


Timetable coming soon!

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